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Full day kindergarten

Horse Hill School is pleased to offer full day kindergarten programming. Our littlest students benefit from a full day of literacy rich learning experiences. Our full day programming provides ample time to run a balanced program nuturing the whole child, emotionally, socially, physically and academically. 

Kindergarten establishes the concepts and vocabulary that are essential for continued success in school. Kindergarten helps children grow emotionally and socially, and students develop physical coordination, and perceptual skills. Kindergarten focuses on learning through play and experiences.

Kindergarten provides concrete (hands on) experiences to help children learn.  Students enjoy special guests, in-class presentations and field trips.

 Kindergarten encourages healthy relationships building.  Teachers coach children in understanding and valuing themselves as positive friends and capable learners.

We are a part of the "Welcome to Kindergarten' Program sponsored by the Learning Partnership.



Our program focuses on literacy and numeracy skills, and these skills are intergrated into all subject areas.

Assessment for learning strategies are used to involve students in the learning process. Criteria is set and students have a clear understanding of the expectations for each learning task. Assessment for learning allows students to self assess their work and feedback is given from the teacher and peers along the learning journey. Goal setting is a key strategy for success.

Differientated instruction meets the needs of individual students and their unique learning styles. It is inclusive of many strategies and techniques. Differentiated instruction is flexible and constantly changing to meet existing needs.  Based on this theory, teachers structure learning environments that address the variety of learning styles, interests, and abilities found within the classroom.

Inquiry and hands on learning provide students with meaningful learning opportunities.  Students learn by asking questions and thinking of big ideas.



Students in grades four, five and six receive weekly French instruction. The French curriculum is based on the guidelines provided by Alberta Education.



Students from Kindergarten to grade 6 receive ninety five minutes of music each week. Music learning activities include the following: singing, learning of musical elements, reading and writing music, memory work, inner hearing, listening, part-work, improvisation, movement, and playing instruments.