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Lunch & Nutrition


We are a “junk food free” school.  Please help your child choose wisely from foods such as fruit, string cheese, crackers, juice or sandwiches.  Students are encouraged NOT to bring pop, chocolate bars, candy, chips, and/or gum for either snacks or lunch.  This creates a healthier environment for the students and reduces the amount of litter

In the interest of time, we can not accommodate meals that take longer than 1 minute to heat. Please ensure that frozen dinners are thawed prior to sending them with your child. For safety reasons, school personnel cannot add boiling water to noodles. Please prepare instant noodles at home and your child can heat them at school. 

MILK PROGRAM –Milk will be sold for .75 cents/day.  Order forms will be sent home the last week of each month, in order for us to place the correct amount of each item.