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Student Awards


The Preston Manning Scholarship was first established in 1997 in honour of Mr. Preston Manning, who attended and graduated from Horse Hill School, and wished to establish a scholarship at the school.  The award would recognize a grade nine student who best combines academic excellence with positive citizenship qualities.

In June of 2003, it was necessary to change the terms and conditions of the award because the Horse Hill Junior High program was closed.  With the support of the Manning family, the award was changed to recognize grade 6 students who best combined academic excellence with positive citizenship qualities.

Purpose and Nature of Award

The purpose of the award is to give recognition annually to two grade six students, the all-around top grade six male and female, who best combine academic excellence with outstanding citizenship.

The Preston Manning Scholarship will consist of:

  • an engraved permanent Preston Manning Scholarship for Senior Academic Achievement plaque to be retained and displayed at the school
  • a cash award of $250 for each recipient 

Qualification Criteria

The grade six students who are selected shall satisfy the following criteria:

  • achieve an honours standing;
  • demonstrate good citizenship characteristics and display responsibility, initiative, perseverance, cooperation, and a desire to succeed;
  • contribute to school life through involvement in student government, co-curricular activities, or community service;
  • demonstrate positive relationships with peers and a positive attitude toward learning; and
  • is seen as a positive representative of Horse Hill School.

Selection Process

The principal in consultation with the staff will review proposed candidates on the basis of the above criteria.  The principal will make the final selection of the award recipients and shall be responsible for ensuring that the awards are presented each year.